Frequently Asked Questions

- $125 annually for one BINZ provided bin
- $150 annually for one encased specialty item
- All items must be under 50lbs

 BINZ requires at least 7 days advance notice for all deliveries and pick ups

- Log in to your Dashboard
- Click “Schedule Now"
- Select your booking type, delivery information, pick up information, items you would like delivered and any BINZ BITZ you would like to book.
- Insert your payment information (if necessary)
- Click “Book Now”

BINZ Suggests: When you book your flight, book your BINZ.

If you are within the seven day notice, BINZ will assess a $10 per day per item late booking fee.

For example, if you require delivery on Feb 8, you must schedule by Feb 1. In this example, if you schedule on Feb 5 and have one item, you would incur a late booking fee of $40 ($10/day x 4 days)


- If you need to modify your booking
- Please log in to your dashboard
- Select “Deliveries & Pick Ups”
- Find the booking that needs to be modified and select modify

- If you need to cancel a booking, please do so on your account

- Visit "My Dashboard"
- Click "Billing Details"
- Add payment information and each item will automatically renew on its renewal date.

Please ensure your membership is up to date -  BINZ will not pick up your items if your membership is not current.

Your payment information is secure. BINZ does not see the payment information. It is processed through Stripe Credit Card Processor, a secure, encrypted method of payment used globally.

- Please login to My Dashboard.

- Visit the "My Dashboard" page
- Click “My Account Information”
- Update your password and select “Change”

- If there is a delivery fee, it will be noted on the drop down with your resort when scheduling.
- The fee is per delivery and per pick up.
- If you are staying at a resort that is not listed, please select “other” and the area you are in (Cabo Central, Corridor or San Jose). Additional information boxes will appear, please answer those.

- BINZ policy is to deliver and pick up from your resort's designated location.
- Please ask the resort if you need help finding the resort’s designated drop off/pick up location.

After 10 AM on your day of scheduled pick up

(Except Montecristo & Novaispania - please see your FAQs)

Before 2PM on your day of scheduled delivery

(Except Montecristo & Novaispania - please see your FAQs)

- Yes! If you store 3 or more fully paid items with BINZ, you will receive a 10% discount at the time of your renewal

- Yes, BINZ BITZ rents Cabo essentials, such as:

- Wheelchair
- Walker with seat and wheels
- Stroller- Car Seat
- Pack N Play
- Baby Gates
- Booster Snack Seat
- Large Cooler with Wheels
- Vitamix Blender

- To view all rental options, please visit the BINZ BITZ page.

- How To Use Your MasterLock
- When you lock your lock, please ensure it is on the code you have set it to.
- All bins must be locked with a BINZ provided lock for insurance and security purposes
- If you need an additional lock, please reach out to Team BINZ we will provide one for an additional charge of $12 per lock.

- To leave BINZ a positive review, please visit our Trip Advisor page here

- To learn about BINZ referral program, visit our website here.
- Earn $25 credit for each friend that uses your referral link

- Yes, all bins and specialty items must weigh less than 50lbs.
- There will be a service charge of $100 for each item over the 50lbs limit per visit. (To protect the safety of our drivers, BINZ does not encourage this!)
- To avoid this, BINZ encourages you to move your articles between multiple bins.
- Items are weighed prior to delivery and after pick up.
- All weights are listed on your account.
- You will be notified if your item is close to or over the 50lb weight limit

- Schedule the delivery and pick up for your items per normal
In the “additional notes for Team BINZ” section, add the name of the guest who will be staying at the resort and to whom the item(s) should be delivered.

- Provide BINZ with a death certificate, a letter from the trustee/executor of the estate, and proof of that role for BINZ to release the bin.

BINZ bills annually but if you want to store for only a few months, you absolutely can. BINZ does not prorate our pricing since it is so affordable to start with!

Yes, please! BINZ requires that all glass items are wrapped to avoid breakage and shifting. BINZ will not be responsible for broken glass in bins. Please wrap accordingly.

Click here to see our FAQs dedicated to clients staying at Montecristo and Novaispania.

Guests will receive an email reminder 14 days prior to their renewal date. If a guest chooses to cancel services within this 14 day period, the guest will not incur any fees. If a guest would like to not renew services, the guest needs to notify BINZ before their renewal date.
If a guest notifies BINZ within 10 days of their renewal date of their intention to cancel services, they will be charged a $10 service charge per item. BINZ does not refund for cancellations beyond 10 days.

Staying at Montecristo or Noviaspania? Click here to see our FAQs for these locations!

BINZ Bundlez FAQs!

Another great benefit of this program is that you don’t participate in rising storage costs; this locks in your storage costs for the next five years! 

Any additional item(s) purchased would be treated as a separate storage contract with BINZ. However, for this item you would be able to pre-pay your storage for four years (at the current BINZ storage rate) and get the fifth year of storage free - a 20% discount!

If you choose to take advantage of the BINZ Bundlez pre-pay option, the day you enroll in the program would be your new renewal date for all items you are pre-paying for. This simplifies your payments going forward into one easy renewal and removes the hassle of needing to keep different renewal dates organized!  (There are no pro-rated discounts for items already paid.)

BINZ Bundlez is valid only when pre-paying for four years of storage and getting the fifth year free.

Yes, of course! BINZ greatly appreciates your referrals. Any referral credit you earn can be applied towards the purchase of new bins or specialty items or resort delivery/pick up fees (where applicable).  All referral credits earned must be used within 365 days of receipt.

If you need to cancel your contract before its termination date, BINZ will happily work with you to get your items to you. BINZ does not prorate for contracts canceled before their termination date. 

Yes, if you do not participate in BINZ Bundlez.  Since the BINZ Bundlez program is 20% off your storage for 5 years, you save even more with this plan than the existing multi-item discount of 10% off! The discounts are not stackable. 

If you would like to drop an item from your plan before its termination date, BINZ will happily work with you to get your items to you. BINZ does not prorate for contracts canceled before their termination date. 

If the account holder passes away and BINZ has been provided a death certificate, a letter from the trustee/executor of the estate, and proof of that role for BINZ to release the bin, then the items can be released to a representative of the estate. No refunds will be applied.

Alternatively. the stored items can be transferred to the listed emergency contact on the account and they can enjoy the prepayment that still exists and can continue to store with BINZ as an existing customer. They will assume responsibility for any and all outstanding storage payments 

Yes, where applicable, delivery and pickup fees still apply and must be paid at the time of booking.  

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